January 9th All Events

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January 9th, 2008 (January 09 2008)DeathJohnny Grant, American radio personality, television producer (born in 1923)
January 9th, 2008 (January 09 2008)DeathWilliam Quinn, Irish Republican Army soldier (born in 1950)
January 9th, 2008 (January 09 2008)DeathMehran Ghassemi, Iranian journalist (born in 1977)
January 9th, 2008 (January 09 2008)DeathSir John Harvey-Jones, chairman of ICI from 1982 to 1987 (b.1924).
January 9th, 2007 (January 09 2007)EventApple Inc CEO, Steve Jobs announces the iPhone.Steve Jobs Quotes
January 9th, 2007 (January 09 2007)DeathElmer Symons, South African motorcycle racer (born in 1977)
January 9th, 2006 (January 09 2006)DeathAndy Caldecott, Australian motorcycle racer (born in 1964)
January 9th, 2006 (January 09 2006)DeathMikk Mikiver, Estonian actor, director (born in 1937)
January 9th, 2005 (January 09 2005)EventThe signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, commonly known as the Naivasha Agreement between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People s Liberation Movement rebel group in Naivasha, Kenya.
January 9th, 2005 (January 09 2005)EventElections are held to replace Yasser Arafat as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization. He is succeeded by Rawhi Fattouh.Yasser Arafat Quotes
January 9th, 2005 (January 09 2005)DeathGonzalo Gavira, Mexican film sound technician (born in 1925)
January 9th, 2004 (January 09 2004)DeathNorberto Bobbio, Italian philosopher (born in 1909) Philo Quotes
January 9th, 2003 (January 09 2003)DeathWill McDonough, American sports journalist (born in 1935)
January 9th, 2001 (January 09 2001)EventShenzhou 2, an unmanned Chinese spacecraft, is launched.
January 9th, 2001 (January 09 2001)DeathMaurice Prather, American photographer (born in 1926)
January 9th, 2000 (January 09 2000)DeathNigel Tranter, Scottish historian and author (born in 1909)
January 9th, 1998 (January 09 1998)DeathKenichi Fukui, Japanese chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate (born in 1918)
January 9th, 1998 (January 09 1998)DeathCharito Solis, Filipino actress (born in 1935)
January 9th, 1997 (January 09 1997)EventA Comair Embraer EMB 120 crashes during approach into Detroit Metro Airport, killing 29 people.
January 9th, 1997 (January 09 1997)BirthLauryn McClain, American actress and singer
January 9th, 1997 (January 09 1997)DeathEdward Osobka-Morawski, Prime Minister of Poland (born in 1909)
January 9th, 1997 (January 09 1997)DeathJesse White, American actor (born in 1917)
January 9th, 1995 (January 09 1995)DeathPeter Cook, British actor and comedian (born in 1937)Peter Cook Quotes
January 9th, 1995 (January 09 1995)DeathSouphanouvong, President of Laos (born in 1909)
January 9th, 1994 (January 09 1994)DeathJohnny Temple, baseball player (born in 1927)
January 9th, 1993 (January 09 1993)DeathSir Paul Hasluck, Governor-General of Australia (born in 1905)
January 9th, 1992 (January 09 1992)DeathSteve Brodie, American actor (born in 1919)
January 9th, 1992 (January 09 1992)DeathBill Naughton, British playwright (born in 1910)
January 9th, 1991 (January 09 1991)EventThe Soviets storm Vilnius to stop Lithuanian independence.
January 9th, 1990 (January 09 1990)DeathSir Edward McTiernan, Australian jurist, lawyer and politician (born in 1892)
January 9th, 1990 (January 09 1990)DeathSpud Chandler, baseball player (born in 1907)
January 9th, 1989 (January 09 1989)BirthMichaella Krajicek, Dutch tennis player
January 9th, 1989 (January 09 1989)DeathBill Terry, baseball player (born in 1898)
January 9th, 1987 (January 09 1987)BirthSam Bird, English racing driver
January 9th, 1987 (January 09 1987)BirthPaolo Nutini, Scottish singer/songwriter
January 9th, 1987 (January 09 1987)BirthPablo Santos, Mexican actor (died in 2006)
January 9th, 1987 (January 09 1987)BirthLucas Pezzini Leiva, Brazilian and Liverpool Footballer
January 9th, 1987 (January 09 1987)DeathMarion Hutton, American singer (born in 1919)
January 9th, 1987 (January 09 1987)DeathArthur Lake, American actor (born in 1905)
January 9th, 1986 (January 09 1986)EventAfter losing a patent battle with Polaroid, Kodak must give up its instant camera business.
January 9th, 1985 (January 09 1985)DeathRobert Mayer, British businessman and philanthropist (born in 1879)
January 9th, 1984 (January 09 1984)DeathWolfgang Staudte, German director (born in 1906)
January 9th, 1982 (January 09 1982)BirthKate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William of Wales
January 9th, 1981 (January 09 1981)BirthEuzebiusz Smolarek, Polish footballer
January 9th, 1981 (January 09 1981)DeathKazimierz Serocki, Polish composer (born in 1922)
January 9th, 1980 (January 09 1980)BirthSergio Garcia, Spanish golfer
January 9th, 1979 (January 09 1979)BirthTomiko Van, Japanese singer
January 9th, 1979 (January 09 1979)DeathPier Luigi Nervi, Italian engineer and architect (born in 1891)
January 9th, 1978 (January 09 1978)BirthMathieu Garon, Canadian ice hockey player
January 9th, 1978 (January 09 1978)BirthGennaro Gattuso, Italian footballer
January 9th, 1978 (January 09 1978)BirthChad Johnson, American football player
January 9th, 1978 (January 09 1978)BirthAJ McLean, American singer (Backstreet Boys)
January 9th, 1978 (January 09 1978)BirthMaggie Rizer, American model and AIDS activist
January 9th, 1977 (January 09 1977)BirthBeth Troutman, American production assistant
January 9th, 1976 (January 09 1976)BirthRadek Bonk, Czech ice hockey player
January 9th, 1976 (January 09 1976)BirthTodd Grisham, American professional wrestling interviewer
January 9th, 1975 (January 09 1975)BirthKiko Calero, Puerto Rican baseball player
January 9th, 1975 (January 09 1975)BirthKimberley Ann Scott Mathers, former wife of Eminem Eminem Quotes
January 9th, 1975 (January 09 1975)DeathPierre Fresnay, French actor (born in 1897)
January 9th, 1975 (January 09 1975)DeathPyotr Sergeyevich Novikov, Russian mathematician (born in 1901)
January 9th, 1974 (January 09 1974)BirthFarhan Akhtar, Indian Bollywood Director, Actor, Producer, Singer.
January 9th, 1973 (January 09 1973)BirthAngela Bettis, American actress
January 9th, 1972 (January 09 1972)EventThe RMS Queen Elizabeth is destroyed by fire in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.
January 9th, 1972 (January 09 1972)BirthSarah Beeny, British TV personality
January 9th, 1972 (January 09 1972)BirthAngie Martinez, American radio and television personality
January 9th, 1972 (January 09 1972)BirthJay Powell, baseball player
January 9th, 1972 (January 09 1972)DeathTed Shawn, American dancer (born in 1891)
January 9th, 1971 (January 09 1971)BirthDaniel Dumile, American hip hop artist
January 9th, 1971 (January 09 1971)BirthHal Niedzviecki, Canadian author
January 9th, 1971 (January 09 1971)BirthScott Thornton, Canadian ice hockey player
January 9th, 1971 (January 09 1971)BirthYusuke Naora, Japanese game art director
January 9th, 1971 (January 09 1971)DeathGiannis Christou, Greek composer (born in 1926)
January 9th, 1971 (January 09 1971)DeathElmer Flick, baseball player (born in 1876)
January 9th, 1970 (January 09 1970)BirthLara Fabian, Belgian singer
January 9th, 1970 (January 09 1970)BirthAlex Staropoli, Italian keyboardist (Rhapsody Of Fire)
January 9th, 1968 (January 09 1968)EventThe only known snowfall in Mexico City occurs; additional snow falls on January 10 and 11.
January 9th, 1968 (January 09 1968)BirthJimmy Adams, West Indian cricketer
January 9th, 1968 (January 09 1968)BirthJoey Lauren Adams, American actress
January 9th, 1968 (January 09 1968)BirthAl Schnier, American rock guitarist (moe.)
January 9th, 1967 (January 09 1967)BirthCarl Bell, American musician
January 9th, 1967 (January 09 1967)BirthClaudio Caniggia, Argentinian footballer
January 9th, 1967 (January 09 1967)BirthSteven Harwell, American singer and musician (Smash Mouth)
January 9th, 1967 (January 09 1967)BirthDave Matthews, South African singer and musicianDave Matthews Quotes
January 9th, 1965 (January 09 1965)BirthDarren Bennett, Australian-born American football player
January 9th, 1965 (January 09 1965)BirthMuggsy Bogues, American basketball player
January 9th, 1965 (January 09 1965)BirthIain Dowie, English football manager
January 9th, 1965 (January 09 1965)BirthEric Erlandson, American musician
January 9th, 1965 (January 09 1965)BirthJoely Richardson, British actress
January 9th, 1964 (January 09 1964)EventMartyrs Day: Several Panamanian youths try to raise the Panamanian flag on the U.S.-controlled Panama Canal Zone, leading to fighting between U.S. military and Panamanian civilians.
January 9th, 1963 (January 09 1963)BirthMichael Everson, expert in writing systems and Unicode
January 9th, 1961 (January 09 1961)BirthOliver Goldstick, American screenwriter
January 9th, 1961 (January 09 1961)DeathEmily Greene Balch, American writer, Nobel Peace Prize laureate (born in 1867)
January 9th, 1960 (January 09 1960)DeathElsie J. Oxenham, British children s author (born in 1880)
January 9th, 1959 (January 09 1959)BirthMark Martin, American race car driver
January 9th, 1959 (January 09 1959)BirthRigoberta Menchu, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
January 9th, 1959 (January 09 1959)BirthCristi Minculescu, Romanian musician
January 9th, 1959 (January 09 1959)BirthOtis Nixon, American baseball player
January 9th, 1958 (January 09 1958)BirthMehmet Ali Agca, Turkish attempted assassin of Pope John Paul II
January 9th, 1958 (January 09 1958)BirthStephen Neale, British philosopher Philo Quotes
January 9th, 1957 (January 09 1957)BirthPhil Lewis, lead singer of L.A. Guns
January 9th, 1956 (January 09 1956)BirthKimberly Beck, American actress
January 9th, 1956 (January 09 1956)BirthImelda Staunton, British actress
January 9th, 1956 (January 09 1956)BirthMike Walczewski, American Public Address Announcer at Madison Square Garden
January 9th, 1955 (January 09 1955)BirthJ. K. Simmons, American actor
January 9th, 1953 (January 09 1953)BirthMorris Gleitzman, British-Australian children s author
January 9th, 1952 (January 09 1952)BirthHugh Bayley, British politician
January 9th, 1951 (January 09 1951)EventThe United Nations headquarters officially opens in New York City.
January 9th, 1951 (January 09 1951)BirthM.L. Carr, basketball player and coach
January 9th, 1951 (January 09 1951)BirthCrystal Gayle, American singer
January 9th, 1950 (January 09 1950)BirthDavid Johansen American singer
January 9th, 1950 (January 09 1950)BirthRio Reiser, German singer (died in 1996)
January 9th, 1948 (January 09 1948)BirthBill Cowsill, American singer (The Cowsills) (died in 2006)
January 9th, 1948 (January 09 1948)BirthCassie Gaines Backup Singer (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (died in 1977)
January 9th, 1947 (January 09 1947)EventElizabeth "Betty" Short, the Black Dahlia, is last seen alive.
January 9th, 1947 (January 09 1947)BirthRonnie Landfield, American artist
January 9th, 1947 (January 09 1947)DeathKarl Mannheim, German sociologist (born in 1893)Karl Mannheim Quotes
January 9th, 1946 (January 09 1946)DeathCountee Cullen, American poet (born in 1903)
January 9th, 1946 (January 09 1946)DeathDimitrios Golemis, Greek athlete (born in 1874)
January 9th, 1945 (January 09 1945)EventThe United States invades Luzon in the Philippines.
January 9th, 1945 (January 09 1945)BirthJohn Doman, American actor
January 9th, 1945 (January 09 1945)DeathJuri Uluots, Estonian Prime Minister (born in 1890)
January 9th, 1944 (January 09 1944)BirthIan Hornak, American Painter, Draughtsman and Sculptor (died in 2002)
January 9th, 1944 (January 09 1944)BirthJimmy Page, British musician and producer (Led Zeppelin)
January 9th, 1943 (January 09 1943)BirthElmer MacFadyen, Canadian politician (died in 2007)
January 9th, 1943 (January 09 1943)BirthFreddie Starr, English comedian and singer
January 9th, 1943 (January 09 1943)BirthScott Walker, American singer
January 9th, 1942 (January 09 1942)BirthK Callan, American actress
January 9th, 1942 (January 09 1942)BirthLee Kun-hee, Korean industrialist, chairman of Samsung
January 9th, 1942 (January 09 1942)BirthSusannah York, British actress
January 9th, 1941 (January 09 1941)EventFirst flight of the Avro Lancaster.
January 9th, 1941 (January 09 1941)EventWorld War II: The Greek Triton (S.112) sinks the Italian submarine Neghelli in Otranto.
January 9th, 1941 (January 09 1941)BirthJoan Baez, American singer and activistJoan Baez Quotes
January 9th, 1941 (January 09 1941)BirthGilles Vaillancourt, Quebec politician
January 9th, 1940 (January 09 1940)BirthJimmy Boyd, American actor and singer
January 9th, 1940 (January 09 1940)BirthBarbara Buczek, Polish composer (died in 1993)
January 9th, 1940 (January 09 1940)BirthAl Downing, American singer (died in 2005)
January 9th, 1940 (January 09 1940)BirthRuth Dreifuss, Swiss politician
January 9th, 1939 (January 09 1939)DeathJohann Strauss III, Austrian conductor (born in 1866)
January 9th, 1936 (January 09 1936)BirthAnne Rivers Siddons, American writer
January 9th, 1936 (January 09 1936)DeathJohn Gilbert, American actor (born in 1899)
January 9th, 1935 (January 09 1935)BirthBob Denver, American actor (died in 2005)
January 9th, 1935 (January 09 1935)BirthDick Enberg, American sportscaster
January 9th, 1935 (January 09 1935)BirthEarl G. Graves, Sr., African-American Publisher
January 9th, 1935 (January 09 1935)BirthBrian Harradine, Australian independent Senator
January 9th, 1934 (January 09 1934)BirthBart Starr, American football player
January 9th, 1933 (January 09 1933)BirthRobert Garcia, American politician
January 9th, 1933 (January 09 1933)BirthWilbur Smith, Zambian-British novelist
January 9th, 1931 (January 09 1931)BirthAlgis Budrys, American author
January 9th, 1931 (January 09 1931)DeathWayne Munn, wrestler (born in 1896)
January 9th, 1929 (January 09 1929)BirthBrian Friel, Irish dramatist
January 9th, 1929 (January 09 1929)BirthHeiner Muller, German dramatist (died in 1995)
January 9th, 1929 (January 09 1929)BirthDorothea Puente, American serial killer
January 9th, 1928 (January 09 1928)BirthJudith Krantz, American author
January 9th, 1928 (January 09 1928)BirthDomenico Modugno, Italian singer and songwriter (died in 1994)
January 9th, 1927 (January 09 1927)DeathHouston Stewart Chamberlain, British pro-Aryan anti-semitic writer, son-in-law of Richard Wagner (born in 1855)Richard Wagner Quotes
January 9th, 1926 (January 09 1926)BirthGiannis Christou, Greek composer (died in 1970)
January 9th, 1926 (January 09 1926)BirthJean-Pierre Cote, Canadian politician, Lieutenant governor of Quebec (died in 2002)
January 9th, 1925 (January 09 1925)BirthLee Van Cleef, American actor (died in 1989)
January 9th, 1924 (January 09 1924)BirthSergei Parajanov, Armenian film director (died in 1990)
January 9th, 1923 (January 09 1923)EventJuan de la Cierva makes the first autogyro flight.
January 9th, 1923 (January 09 1923)DeathKatherine Mansfield, New Zealand writer (born in 1888)Katherine Mansfield Quotes
January 9th, 1922 (January 09 1922)BirthHar Gobind Khorana, Nobel laureate
January 9th, 1922 (January 09 1922)BirthAhmed Sekou Toure, President of Guinea (died in 1984)
January 9th, 1921 (January 09 1921)BirthLister Sinclair, Canadian broadcaster and playwright (died in 2006)
January 9th, 1920 (January 09 1920)BirthChan Canasta, Polish-British magician (died in 1999)
January 9th, 1920 (January 09 1920)BirthClive Dunn, British actor
January 9th, 1920 (January 09 1920)BirthHakim Mohammed Said, Pakistani scholar
January 9th, 1918 (January 09 1918)DeathEmile Reynaud, French scientist (born in 1844)
January 9th, 1917 (January 09 1917)EventWorld War I: the Battle of Rafa occurs near the Egyptian border with Palestine.
January 9th, 1916 (January 09 1916)EventThe Ottoman Empire prevails in the Battle of Canakkale, as the last British troops are evacuated.
January 9th, 1916 (January 09 1916)BirthVic Mizzy, American orchestra leader
January 9th, 1916 (January 09 1916)BirthPeter Twinn, English World War II code-breaker (died in 2004)
January 9th, 1915 (January 09 1915)BirthAnita Louise, U.S. actress (died in 1970)
January 9th, 1915 (January 09 1915)BirthFernando Lamas, Argentine actor (died in 1982)
January 9th, 1914 (January 09 1914)BirthGypsy Rose Lee (or 1911), American burlesque entertainer (died in 1970)
January 9th, 1914 (January 09 1914)BirthKenny (Klook) Clarke, American jazz drummer and composer (died in 1985)
January 9th, 1913 (January 09 1913)BirthRichard Nixon, 37th President of the United States (died in 1994)
January 9th, 1912 (January 09 1912)BirthRalph Tubbs, British architect (died in 1996)
January 9th, 1911 (January 09 1911)DeathEdwin Arthur Jones, American composer (born in 1853)
January 9th, 1911 (January 09 1911)DeathEdvard Rusjan, Slovene flight pioneer (born in 1886)
January 9th, 1909 (January 09 1909)BirthHerva Nelli, Italian-born soprano (died in 1994)
January 9th, 1908 (January 09 1908)BirthSimone de Beauvoir, French author (died in 1986)Simone De Beauvoir Quotes
January 9th, 1908 (January 09 1908)DeathWilhelm Busch, German painter (born in 1832)
January 9th, 1908 (January 09 1908)DeathAbraham Goldfaden, Russian-born actor (born in 1840) Abraham Quotes
January 9th, 1905 (January 09 1905)EventAccording to the Julian Calendar which was used at the time, Russian workers stage a march on the Winter Palace that ends in the massacre by Tsarist troops known as Bloody Sunday, setting off the Russian Revolution of 1905. Julian Quotes
January 9th, 1903 (January 09 1903)EventHallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson, son of the famous poet Alfred Tennyson, becomes the second Governor-General of Australia.
January 9th, 1903 (January 09 1903)BirthHem Vejakorn, Thai illustrator (died in 1969)
January 9th, 1902 (January 09 1902)BirthRudolph Bing, Austrian-born opera manager (died in 1997)
January 9th, 1902 (January 09 1902)BirthSaint Josemaria Escriva, Spanish Catholic priest and founder of Opus Dei (died in 1975)
January 9th, 1901 (January 09 1901)BirthChic Young, American cartoonist (died in 1973)
January 9th, 1901 (January 09 1901)DeathRichard Copley Christie, English scholar (born in 1830)
January 9th, 1900 (January 09 1900)BirthRichard Halliburton, American adventurer (presumed dead 1939)Richard Halliburton Quotes
January 9th, 1900 (January 09 1900)BirthMaria of Romania, Queen Consort of Yugoslavia (died in 1961)
January 9th, 1898 (January 09 1898)BirthVilma Banky, Hungarian actress (died in 1991)
January 9th, 1898 (January 09 1898)BirthGracie Fields, English vaudeville performer (died in 1979)
January 9th, 1898 (January 09 1898)BirthWally Baker, American supercentenarian
January 9th, 1897 (January 09 1897)BirthKarl Lowith, German philosopher (died in 1973) Philo Quotes
January 9th, 1896 (January 09 1896)BirthWarwick Braithwaite, New Zealand-born British conductor (died in 1971)
January 9th, 1895 (January 09 1895)DeathAaron Lufkin Dennison, American watch manufacturer (born in 1812)
January 9th, 1894 (January 09 1894)EventNew England Telephone and Telegraph installs the first battery-operated telephone switchboard in Lexington, Massachusetts.
January 9th, 1892 (January 09 1892)BirthEva Bowring, American politician (died in 1985)
January 9th, 1890 (January 09 1890)BirthKarel Capek, Czech writer (died in 1938)Karel Capek Quotes
January 9th, 1890 (January 09 1890)BirthKurt Tucholsky, German journalist (died in 1935)
January 9th, 1881 (January 09 1881)BirthLascelles Abercrombie, British poet and critic (died in 1938)Lascelles Abercrombie Quotes
January 9th, 1881 (January 09 1881)BirthEdouard Beaupre, horse lifter (died in 1904)
January 9th, 1881 (January 09 1881)BirthGiovanni Papini, Italian writer (died in 1956)
January 9th, 1880 (January 09 1880)EventThe Great Gale of 1880 devastates parts of Oregon and Washington with high wind and heavy snow.
January 9th, 1879 (January 09 1879)BirthJohn Broadus Watson, American psychologist (died in 1958)
January 9th, 1878 (January 09 1878)EventUmberto I becomes King of Italy.Umberto Eco Quotes
January 9th, 1878 (January 09 1878)DeathKing Victor Emmanuel II of Italy (born in 1820)
January 9th, 1877 (January 09 1877)DeathAlexander Brullov, Russia painter (born in 1799)
January 9th, 1876 (January 09 1876)DeathSamuel Gridley Howe, American abolitionist (born in 1801)Eric Idle Quotes
January 9th, 1875 (January 09 1875)BirthGertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, American socialite (died in 1942)
January 9th, 1873 (January 09 1873)BirthHayyim Nahman Bialik, Hebrew poet (died in 1934)
January 9th, 1873 (January 09 1873)DeathEmperor Napoleon III of France (born in 1808)
January 9th, 1870 (January 09 1870)BirthJoseph B Strauss, American civil engineer (died in 1938)
January 9th, 1868 (January 09 1868)BirthS. P. L. Sorensen, Danish chemist (died in 1939)
January 9th, 1864 (January 09 1864)BirthVladimir Steklov, Russian mathematician (died in 1926)
January 9th, 1863 (January 09 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: the Battle of Fort Hindman occurs in Arkansas.
January 9th, 1861 (January 09 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: The "Star of the West" incident occurs near Charleston, South Carolina. It is considered by some historians to be the "First Shots of the American Civil War".
January 9th, 1861 (January 09 1861)EventMississippi becomes the second state to secede from the Union before the outbreak of the American Civil War.
January 9th, 1859 (January 09 1859)BirthCarrie Chapman Catt, American suffragist leader (died in 1947)
January 9th, 1858 (January 09 1858)EventAnson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, commits suicide.
January 9th, 1858 (January 09 1858)DeathAnson Jones, 5th and last President of Texas (suicide) (born in 1798)
January 9th, 1857 (January 09 1857)EventThe Fort Tejon earthquake of California occurs, registering an estimated magnitude of 7.9.
January 9th, 1856 (January 09 1856)BirthAnton Askerc, Slovenian priest and poet (died in 1912)
January 9th, 1854 (January 09 1854)BirthJennie Jerome, American society beauty and mother of Winston Churchill (died in 1921)Winston Churchill Quotes
January 9th, 1849 (January 09 1849)BirthJohn Hartley, English tennis player, double winner of Wimbledon (died in 1935)John Hart Quotes
January 9th, 1848 (January 09 1848)BirthPrincess Frederica of Hanover (died in 1926)
January 9th, 1848 (January 09 1848)DeathCaroline Herschel, German-born astronomer (born in 1750)
January 9th, 1843 (January 09 1843)DeathWilliam Hedley, British industrial engineer (born in 1773)
January 9th, 1839 (January 09 1839)EventThe French Academy of Sciences announces the Daguerreotype photography process.
January 9th, 1839 (January 09 1839)BirthJohn Knowles Paine, U.S. composer (died in 1906)John Knowles Quotes
January 9th, 1832 (January 09 1832)BirthFelix-Gabriel Marchand, journalist, author and politician, Premier of Quebec (died in 1900)
January 9th, 1829 (January 09 1829)BirthThomas William Robertson, English playwright (died in 1871)
January 9th, 1829 (January 09 1829)BirthAdolf von Schlagintweit, German explorer (died in 1857)
January 9th, 1823 (January 09 1823)BirthJohannes Friedrich August von Esmarch, German surgeon (died in 1908)
January 9th, 1822 (January 09 1822)EventThe Portuguese prince Pedro I of Brazil decides to stay in Brazil against the orders of the Portuguese king Joao VI, starting the Brazilian independence process.
January 9th, 1819 (January 09 1819)BirthJames Francis, Premier of Victoria (died in 1884)
January 9th, 1816 (January 09 1816)EventSir Humphry Davy tests the Davy lamp for miners at Hebburn Colliery.
January 9th, 1811 (January 09 1811)BirthGilbert Abbott a Beckett, English writer (died in 1856)
January 9th, 1806 (January 09 1806)EventAdmiral Horatio Lord Nelson receives a state funeral and is interred in St Paul s Cathedral.Horatio Nelson Quotes
January 9th, 1805 (January 09 1805)DeathNoble Wimberly Jones, American Continental Congressman (born in 1723)
January 9th, 1800 (January 09 1800)DeathJean Etienne Championnet, French general (born in 1762)
January 9th, 1799 (January 09 1799)EventBritish Prime Minister William Pitt introduces income tax to raise funds for the war against Napoleon.
January 9th, 1799 (January 09 1799)DeathMaria Gaetana Agnesi, Italian scientist (born in 1718)
January 9th, 1793 (January 09 1793)EventJean-Pierre Blanchard becomes the first person to fly in a balloon in the United States.
January 9th, 1790 (January 09 1790)BirthPer Daniel Amadeus Atterbom, Swedish poet (died in 1855)
January 9th, 1788 (January 09 1788)EventConnecticut becomes the fifth state to be admitted to the United States.
January 9th, 1773 (January 09 1773)BirthCassandra Austen, English watercolorist and sister of Jane Austen (died in 1845)Jane Austen Quotes
January 9th, 1768 (January 09 1768)EventPhilip Astley stages the first modern circus in London.
January 9th, 1766 (January 09 1766)DeathThomas Birch, British historian (born in 1705)
January 9th, 1760 (January 09 1760)EventAfghans defeat Marathas in the Battle of Barari Ghat.
January 9th, 1757 (January 09 1757)DeathBernard le Bovier de Fontenelle, French scientist and man of letters (born in 1657)
January 9th, 1757 (January 09 1757)DeathLouis Bertrand Castel, French mathematician (born in 1688)
January 9th, 1745 (January 09 1745)BirthCaleb Strong, 6th and 10th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1819)
January 9th, 1728 (January 09 1728)BirthThomas Warton, English poet (died in 1790)Thomas Warton Quotes
January 9th, 1685 (January 09 1685)BirthTiberius Hemsterhuis, Dutch philologist (died in 1766) Philo Quotes
January 9th, 1677 (January 09 1677)DeathAernout van der Neer, Dutch painter (born in 1603)
January 9th, 1624 (January 09 1624)BirthEmpress Meisho (died in 1696)
January 9th, 1598 (January 09 1598)DeathJasper Heywood, English translator (born in 1553)
January 9th, 1589 (January 09 1589)BirthIvan Gundulic, Croatian poet (died in 1638)
January 9th, 1571 (January 09 1571)BirthKarel Bonaventura Buquoy, French soldier (died in 1621)
January 9th, 1571 (January 09 1571)DeathNicolas Durand de Villegaignon, French naval officer (born in 1510)
January 9th, 1562 (January 09 1562)DeathAmago Haruhisa, Japanese warlord (born in 1514)
January 9th, 1554 (January 09 1554)BirthPope Gregory XV (died in 1623)
January 9th, 1543 (January 09 1543)DeathGuillaume du Bellay, French diplomat and general (born in 1491)
January 9th, 1514 (January 09 1514)DeathAnna, Duchess of Brittany, queen of Charles VIII of France (born in 1477)
January 9th, 1499 (January 09 1499)DeathJohann Cicero, elector of Brandenburg (born in 1455) Cicero Quotes
January 9th, 1431 (January 09 1431)EventJudges investigations for the trial of Joan of Arc begin in Rouen, France, the seat of the English occupation government. Joan of Arc Quotes
January 9th, 1349 (January 09 1349)EventThe Jewish population of Basel, Switzerland, believed by the residents to be the cause of the ongoing bubonic plague, were rounded up and incinerated.
January 9th, 1283 (January 09 1283)DeathWen Tianxiang, Prime Minister of China (executed) (born in 1236)
January 9th, 1282 (January 09 1282)DeathAbu Uthman Sa id Hakam al Qurashi, ruler of Minorca (born in 1204)
January 9th, 1150 (January 09 1150)DeathEmperor Xizong of Jin was murdered by Prince Hailing of Jin in a Coup d etat.
January 9th, 0475 (January 09 0475)EventByzantine Emperor Zeno is forced to flee his capital at Constantinople.Stan Lee Quotes

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